Download: Free Being Me Fund Application Pack


Who is this fund for?

  • WAGGGS Member Organisations (MOs)
  • Groups of Member Organisations
  • Component Associations (CAs) within a Member Organisation


(If applying as a regional group of Member Organisations, the application will need to come from one lead MO on behalf of all MOs involved.)

What is this fund for?

The aim of the Free Being Me Fund is to help reach more girls and boys with quality Free Being Me or Action on Body Confidence experiences by assisting with specific costs.


Here are some examples of costs which could be funded (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Hire of training venue
  • Printing Free Being Me or Action on Body Confidence activity packs
  • Transport costs for volunteers to attend training
  • Translating Free Being Me or Action on Body Confidence packs to your language
  • Transport and accommodation costs to invite a WAGGGS Global Trainer to support a national event.


Where is funding coming from?

The Free Being Me Fund is funded by Dove, through the global WAGGGS-Dove partnership


What level of funding can you apply for?

We suggest applying for any amount between £100 and £3,000 (GBP).


When will you find out if you are successful?

The Free Being Me team aim to make a decision within ten working days of receiving your application. You may be asked for further information about your application. It is possible that you will be awarded a portion of the total funding applied for.


If you are successful, how is the money paid?

There are three options:

  1. Direct payment: WAGGGS pays a company or supplier you have received services from (for example a company that you contract to translate the activity packs). You will receive invoice instructions from WAGGGS.
  2. MO invoice: WAGGGS pays your MO based on a payment you have made to a company or supplier. Your invoice will show the amount and the reason; an invoice template can be provided.
  3. MO advance invoice: For MOs will limited resources to fund the costs in advance, WAGGGS pays your MO based on quotations which you have been provided by a company or supplier. Your invoice will show the amount and the reasons alongside the supplier quotes. The fund will be paid in advance and then receipts will be supplied after the funding has been spent.


We will agree with you the way for the payment to be made and inform you when it is processed.


How to apply

  • Fill out the Application Form, (also available in Spanish or French)
  • Complete an MO Action Plan – this is your work plan and national strategy for rolling out Free Being Me. The level of detail submitted in this plan will help us assess the funding application.
  • Email to


When applying, please consider resources and opportunities you already have that you can contribute to rolling out Free Being Me in your MO (consider human resources, upcoming events already planned etc as well as financial resources). Where you can demonstrate ways your MO can contribute to the Action Plan, this will be looked on favourably when allocating funding.


from Zimbabwe, Korea and Finland