Earn your FBM certificate online!

From August 2015, completing both the Free Being Me courses on GLOW will earn you an online certificate!

Each 20 minute course, starting with an introductory course and moving onto advanced, provides you with practical advice and support to prepare you to run FBM with your group. You can also discuss and share your ideas with other leaders around the world on the online forum.

Once you’ve completed all courses click on the Advanced section to download and print your certificate.

If you completed the courses before August, you will still be awarded a certificate – just log on to your GLOW account and get your certificate by following the link in the FBM advanced section.




3 Responses to “Earn your FBM certificate online!”

  1. Nataliay Burgeliya

    My first meeting with “Free Being Me” was in Our Chalet. I attended Helen Storrow Seminar. And one day we had the Free Being Me sessions. All girls who were in Our Chalet had taken part in FBM sessions before, but not me. Then I decided to start working with FBM when I would return to my country.
    The idea of translation FBM manuals came up before my seminar in Our Chalet. But the enthusiasm apperead after my traveling. So the friend of mine and I started to translate it. For me it was a great experience of translation! Reading the text from sessions I have understood that it was stupid to hide my body on the beach because it wasn`t “ideal”. To be honest I understood a lot of things and it cheered me up. YOLO.
    Then we went to the camp in our country. There was a chance to become FBM trainer! We worked with different age and it was a good rehearsal. I liked. I really liked.
    Thanks everyone for this project!
    Lot of love ♥

  2. miriam msiska

    I want the advance certifcate of free being me


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