Inspiring FBM stories from Ukraine

This year the Association of Ukrainian Guides have taken on Free Being Me- hear these inspiring accounts from two young women who decided to spread the FBM message, changing their own perspective on body confidence along the way!


Ukraine FBMThis spring I learned about FBM and wondered how can I experience it. Fortunately, my Guide leader said that we were just starting to introduce this program to our Ukrainian association of Girls Guides. That gave me a chance to get acquainted with FBM. I want to say that I’ve discoverd a lot of useful methods on how to empower people to feel confident in themselves. FBM helped me to feel more confident in my everyday actions and to became more outgoing and tolerant in questions of appearance.

I felt so grateful for this new knowledge that I’ve coordinated with my Guide-mate to translated two FBM activity paсks into Russian and we’re going to do more. We want to issue some of them and start introducing the FBM Program to other girls inside and outside our organisation. I think it’ll help other girls as it has done me.

Thank you for FREE BEING ME!

Anastasiy Kalujunskay


My first meeting with “Free Being Me” was in Our Chalet when I attended the Helen Storrow Seminar, and one day we had a Free Being Me session. All girls who were in Our Chalet had taken part in FBM sessions before, but not me. Then I decided to start working with FBM when returned to my country.

Ukraine FBM3The idea of translаting the FBM manuals came up before my seminar in Our Chalet. But the enthusiasm appeared after my travelling. So a friend of mine and I started to translаte it. For me it was a great experience of translation! Reading the text from sessions I`ve understood that it was stupid to hide my body on the beach because it wasn`t “ideal”. To be honest I understood a lot of things and it cheered me up. YOLO. (You only live once)

Then we went to a camp in our country where there was a chance to become FBM trainer! We worked with different ages and it was a good rehearsal. I really liked it.
Thanks everyone for this project!

Lots of Love.

Nataliy Burgely

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