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Name: “By the end we were all laughing, dancing and sharing” – Day two of India national Training!
Country: India

Day two:IMG_1494

For the first session we did the ‘mirror mirror’ activity from Free Being Me, where we learnt to appreciate ourselves and all the wonderful things our bodies can do. After that, we played a treasure hunt around Sangam where we reflected on how the Free Being Me activities use the Girl Scouting and Girl Scouting method.

Before lunch we split into groups and were given an activity from the 7-10 activity pack to prepare and lead. Successfully all the groups projected their skills with adequate knowledge. After tea break we summed up all the sessions completed and cleared up any doubts.

In the evening we had a quiz game which included some lively commercial breaks where participants presented songs and dances from their region. By the end we were  IMG_1655all dancing, laughing and sharing. We were all Free Being Me!

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