Day 4 Africa training – Action Plans and parties!

Our final day began with reflection which helped us to build our spirit, by creating energy between our palms by rubbing them together which we transferred to our friends by touching them on the shoulder.

The pot of gold, an activity from the 7-10 pack, helped us to identify our qualities individually on a sheet which we stored in a pot and later shared amongst ourselves by complementing each other with a hug.

The sessions for the day began with fund development, which helped us on how to make the most use of the resources we have currently and how we can get external support, through donors.

The pink team shared a very interesting ice breaker which made us dance around with our partners in a circle, which was exciting to do, after our break for tea.

We had the chance to develop our action plans as Member Organisations and to have very resourced one-on-one meetings with facilitators of the workshop.

Presentation of certificates to the participants and also special thank you messages from the participants to the facilitators and the planning team from WAGGGS and Africa Region and our host Girl Guides South Africa preceded a very nice free being me party.IMG_8025 IMG_8031 IMG_7986