Hong Kong: ‘Not just one way of beauty, inside matters most!’

This month brings another successful Free Being Me training! From 11- 12 October 2014 Hong Kong Girl Guides Association came together for a two day training event, embracing body confidence and ready to start a revolution…

Day 1

Today we started with a funny and meaningful ice-breaking game by reflecting on our own views on ourselves. It is a good warm-up game which can help us make new friends. At the same time, Ariana and Katerina introduced us to a game called ‘Secret Friends’ which aroused our interest in the Free Being Me activity packs.

In our first session we learnt about the relationship between Dove and WAGGGS: with a shared mission and vision, we can act together to help our next generation. Through watching some videos, we gained an insight into girls and women’s lack of confidence based on appearance. Also, the material reminded us how much we are influenced by our outside environment, including peers, mass media and our culture. Because of the image myth, there are various negative impacts acting on us physically and mentally.

DSC00935After different sessions, we knew more about what we are going to do and how we can use the resources effectively. Through discussions, games and role playing, we understand that we can implement these materials in Hong Kong and answer any questions.

Here we thank everyone who prepared such a great first day for us.

(Brave Patrol)


Day 2

First day was intensive but ended with delight,DSC01032

Rested soundly and comfortably throughout the night.

Early in the morning we met Pelele,

Ensured the beauty standard varies everywhere.


Broke into groups and met new friends,

Everybody took turns and worked hand in hand.

In the programme for 7 to 10 years old,

Not just one way of beauty, inside matters most.

Group exchange with Ireland, we know how other country goes.


Made plans on what regions and divisions can do,

Empowering girls to build their confidence through.


Home with passion and motivation as the sun sank,

Katerina, Ariana, Denis and Chris are the people to thank!


Ada Ho

(Vigor Patrol)