Action on Body Confidence Training Pack


See the below links to download all the material to run your own Action on Body Confidence training event for leaders. The pack includes session plans, energisers and ice-breakers to create a fun and interactive training event.

If you would like any further support, please email and a member of the WAGGGS team will be happy to have a Skype call to prepare you in running your own training event.


Download the whole Training Pack in English

Download the whole Training Pack in ARABIC

Free Being Me Training Pack

Please note: new training packs for Free Being Me are coming soon (February/March 2022)

Arabic version

Download the whole Arabic Training Pack here (contains all the resources listed in English below)


English version


Free Being Me Training Session Outlines


These are for your guidance and are flexible, but you are encouraged to cover as much of the material below as possible, to ensure your participants have a good understanding of the programme to give them the confidence to deliver great activities that will make a real difference to girls’ and boys’ body confidence.

Two day Training programme



Free Being Me Training Session plans

There are plans here for every session you can run at a Free Being Me Training. It’s important to consider how these sessions fit into the objectives for your own training event. Remember, it’s really important to give participants a chance to try out the activities for themselves – this should be an active, non-formal training!


Use these ideas at the beginning of the training and throughout as energizers.


Session 1 – Introducing the Global Partnership

This session introduces what Free Being Me is, including the global partnership with Dove and the aims of the whole project. It’s important for your participants to understand the global picture, that girls and boys are taking part all over the world.


Session 2 – Looking at the concepts behind Free Being Me

This session asks participants to take part in ‘Body project’ activities, which will help them learn the Free Being Me concepts. These activities are from the Body Project Collaborative – they are activities that are designed for a non-formal setting, and that form the core of the Free Being Me activities.  Research on these activities has shown that over three years later, 6 in 10 of girls who had taken part had higher body confidence.


Session 3 – Introduction to the Activity Packs

This session is based on a quiz that helps participants learn more about the activity packs and how they help boost the body confidence of girls and boys. You can use the quiz sheets on their own, or you might wish to use the presentation version too.

TIP: If you like you could do this session outside and get participants to run to the facilitator with the answers.



Session 4, 5 and 6 – Free Being Me 11-14 activities

These are session ideas to give your participants the opportunity to learn more about the 11-14s activities, by trying them out themselves, taking turns to lead.


Session 7 – Free Being Me 7-10 activities

These are session ideas to give your participants the opportunity to learn more about the 7-10s activities, by trying them out themselves – pairs or small groups are given a different activity to prepare and lead for the rest of the group.


Other optional sessions



Use this session to encourage your participants to share their activities and take action projects with the world. You’ll need the Media relations toolkit for this session.


Peer Education

This is a short introduction to Peer Education and the value of encouraging young leaders to take the responsibility of delivering activities like Free Being Me.


Delivering Free Being Me – Scenarios

Once participants are used to the Free Being Me activities, ask them to discuss scenarios that could come up during the activities, and how to deal with these situations.


National and Regional Planning session

If you are training those who are responsible for ensuring the delivery of the project nationally or regionally, this is a useful session to encourage them to make plans and link them to the national and global Free Being Me objectives.



Non-formal education methods

This is a great session to remind participants of what WAGGGS non-formal education is all about, and to show that Free Being Me includes all aspects of non-formal education.



Other useful documents for your Free Being Me Training



Ringa Ringa

Listen to Girl Guides Rwanda singing the Ringa Ringa song! (See 7-10 activity pack, session 4, page 31)


Free Being Me Festival ToolkitFBM_Festival Toolkit_cover_EN

Download the toolkit for ideas, tips and inspiration on how to create your own Free Being Me themed event.

A plain text version of the toolkit is also available here.