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Name: “Enable girls to make the change and take the lead!” 13 Asia Pacific countries get together in Sangam

After a relaxing day of activities getting to know Sangam, participants from 13 different Asia Pacific MOs were introduced to be Free Being Me, taking part in a three day training, and experiencing life in our World Centre at the same time.

Let’s hear from some of the participants!

Day oneIMG_0646

We started our day with the traditional flag and reflections where we learned our Hindi word for the day – ‘Namaste!’, a greeting.

After breakfast, Sangam paved the way for the first session of the day by Ann Brookes and Belle from the AP Committee on the upcoming 35th World Conference agenda in Hong Kong.

This was followed by the introduction to WAGGGS – Dove Project by Paul Bigmore.

Meaghan Ramsey, Director, Global Operations of the Dove Self Esteem project was beamed into the training room through Skype, and explained the importance of the partnership between the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and Dove and how it will benefit and reach out to 3.5 million girls worldwide.

Katerina and Ariana (the Global Trainers) conducted comprehensive sessions on Free Being Me, with the main focus being on the “Perfect Woman” – the image myth.

Activities in the form of games were conducted in between the sessions which were fun, unique and educational. Day ended by enjoying a Bollywood sitcom “English Vinglish” which was enjoyed by all.


Day two

We started the day by sharing our “Mirror Mirror” findings among the new friends in Sangam. For this activity we were challenged to prepare five things we like about ourselves and the way we look, to share together.

All participants from AP Region learnt about the Free Being Me programme and experienced the Journey like 11-14 years old girls. We…

1) Realized there is an Image Myth, which is created by technology and profit-makers in business world while it is impossible to follow;

2) Understood the costs of trying to look like the Image Myth with the game of “Outside Inside”;

3) Challenged the Image Myth and spoke out against it by learning to use “Real Compliment”;

4) Inspired others to challenge the Image Myth also through writing a friendship note and action plan.

In addition, we learnt about the poverty (MDG 1) situation of India during dinner time, which was followed by a Live Tweet Chat to further promote the Free Being Me.IMG_0711

The day was wrapped up with a fun-filled International Fair and lots of foods to share.

Day three

Our final day was all about experiencing facilitating the Free Being Me activities ourselves, to develop an understanding of “Free Being Me” and how we can implement the programme in our different MOs. We’re excited that we can develop body confidence, as well as use this opportunity to attract more members to our organisations.

We left the training event excited and enthusiastic to spread Free Being Me worldwide to enable girls to make the change and take the lead!

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