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Name: Eye opening! Marissa’s Free Being Me experience
Troop name: 150th Barbados Ranger Guides
Country: Barbados

Hi all, today we completed session one of Free Being Me! We had a good time with the activities and the participation was great from the other Rangers! Quite thought provoking and eye-opening… Here is a little snippet of what I took away, the I Quit activity:

I quit Gloss magazine because I I don’t agree with the Image Myth. I don’t agree with categorizing and cataloging women and girls into a small list of qualities and telling them that that is all they are and ever will be. I don’t agree with letting them believe that just because they don’t “measure up” to the ideal, they are not good enough and need to change. I don’t believe that young girls and women of all ages should be hurting themselves and others to make themselves feel better or “good enough” all the while knowing they will never meet the “ideal.” I want girls and young women everywhere to love themselves for who and what they are both inside and out. To love the skin they’re in and be happy enough and comfortable enough to just be themselves and rock their own ideal!! Eagerly looking forward to session two!!

Find out more about Gloss magazine in Session One of Free Being Me (11-14s)


I quit

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  1. Wanda Reid-Beckles

    I quit! This is a serious statement and you have expressed yourself quite strongly. Looking forward to #2. Live, Laugh, Learn!


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