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Name: Free Being Me comes to Singapore!
Troop name: Girl Guides Singapore
Country: Singapore

Free Being Me is in Singapore!!
23 Jan to 24 Jan 2015.


Singapore started its Free Being Programme in Singapore on 23 Jan 2015. 57 Guiders were being trained to lead the programme in their schools. Girl Guides and Brownies in Singapore are school based programmes. So Guiders can carry out their sessions in their weekly meetings.

Jennifer Giangrande, WAGGGS-Dove Global Programme manager was in Singapore to initiate the programme. Jenny introduced the WAGGGS project to the Singapore Guiders and the FBM concepts with them to set the wheel rolling.

The Guiders had an enjoyable time participating and leading the various activities. Their favourite activity was the Giant Speech Bubble. They had fun creating meaningful massages to persuade others to focus on appreciating who they are.

Guiders also participated actively in the role play on Body Talk. They came up with creative ways to challenge body talk positively. It was great fun seeing them acting out the various scenarios.

Guiders found the activity-based programme enjoyable and appropriate for the girls to learn the concepts of Free Being Me in a fun and meaningful manner. This is in-line with WAGGGS and Girl Guides Singapore’s mission of educating our girls in a non-formal experiential way.

They were also receptive to influence their girls to not only understand the meanings of Image Myth or the Perfect Princess, they were also convinced that girls are able to challenge the myth and thus develop body confidence and self-esteem that will enhance their potential. Some felt that this programme may have a life impact on the girls and that girls will be happier with themselves.

All the participants who completed this training were confident that they will be able to persuade their girls to participant in this programme and take action to influence their peers to be body confident and enhance their self-worth.


It’s free being me in Singapore!




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