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Name: Girl Scouts of Paraguay carry out their first activities for Free Being Me
Troop name: Asociación Guías Scouts del Paraguay
Country: Paraguay

Activities took place in Silvio Pettirossi school, in the city of Luque involving 55 girls ages 11- 14.

During the three days girls learnt how the standard for the ‘perfect appearance’ in our society has such long and specific criteria, that it’s impossible to achieve. It’s not worth trying to reach this beauty ideal, given the large number of negative consequences for individuals and their communities, including costs for health, friendships, school life and our society.

Finally they focussed on what they liked about their bodies, and what their bodies can do, on their personalities, and on how changing our everyday language and actions can improve our body confidence, as well as of those around us.

Free Being Me is financed by Dove Paraguay and WAGGGS, so there’s no costs involved for participants. We hope to reach 300 girls participating in the programme by November 2016!


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