About this story

Name: Mia Arissa
Troop name: Brownie
Country: Malaysia

I have done a lot of workshops on WAGGGS values especially Body Confidence and Free Being Me. I learnt a lot in this journey. I have started to actively participate since the hit of the Covid19 pandemic.

I am so comfortable talking about body confidence and fighting the image myth now. I have done a few YouTube videos on the topic. I hope to reach more young girls through my channel.

I am determined to make more videos on this content. I really hope my voice will spread across the YouTube community thus spreading the advocacy.

I am not a confident girl to began with. I have a lot of doubts in myself. Through this journey with WAGGGS Programme I can see that I am changing. I am more comfortable in my own skin. I have slowly stop saying negative things to my own self. I began to accept who I am and realize my worth.

This is my motivation to advocate and help other girls like me. I hope the future is brighter for diversity is celebrated.

I am Mia Arissa. I am a brownie from Malaysia. I am beautiful. I am worth it.

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