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Inspire and challenge others, tell the world about you/your group’s stories, ideas, actions and shout-outs. You could…

  • Tell us how you became “Free Being Me”
  • Share what your group thinks a world would be like if no young person were worried about who they were or how they looked
  • Use lots of photos and videos to make your stories come to life!


I spoke for about 15 minutes on Image Myth, Body Confidence and Root of The Problem. The session with my classmates was very good as many of them really understood the meaning of true beauty. Many were asking questions about … Continued

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The title of my action project is ‘Build Awareness On Body Confidence During Yoga Session’. The reason I chose yoga for my project is that many people avoid fitness workouts because they worry about their appearance. People are programmed in … Continued

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A 3-days workshop on “Free Being Me” was conducted at GHSS Kothibagh Srinagar, from 6th to 8th February 2021, and organised by J&K BS&G Srinagar. 50 girls of youth services & sports Department participated actively. Mr. M.Akram Ganaie (Rahi) ALT(s) … Continued

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Arissa Zerina

15 boys & girls aged 11 years old in my school from different backgrounds have joined and participated recently on 30th September 2020, in an Advocacy Project “Awareness On Image Myth and Body Confidence” session which was raised and organized … Continued

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Mia Arissa

I have done a lot of workshops on WAGGGS values especially Body Confidence and Free Being Me. I learnt a lot in this journey. I have started to actively participate since the hit of the Covid19 pandemic. I am so … Continued

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Tilochana Devi A/P Santhanathan

Firstly, I gave the questionnaire to12 pre-university students and found out that they didn’t understand what body confidence actually meant. Then, I asked the teacher to allow me to explain what body confidence actually means. After that, I gave them … Continued

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Rachel Kiran Mai

We attended a Free Being Me camp at Hubli from 17- 21 July 2019. We learnt about body confidence. We learnt to encourage everyone without the discrimination of their looks. #Dont search for beauty….because beauty lies within ur heart #Be … Continued

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We held a camp with girls from different districts of Malawi. On the second day after introducing Free Being Me, the Image Myth and body confidence we could hear the girls shouting in corridors ‘Free Being Me,’ and ‘I am … Continued

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Yong, Puan Chempaka and Puan Hasanah was here in Sabah. All the slots and sessions were just great. Group Presentations were challenging but also fascinating. As a teacher and a Guider, i felt so glad to be in this programme. … Continued

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