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Action on Body Confidence – Share the Change: as part of your badge, tell the world about your group’s Action Project. Your story will help inspire and challenge others.

Free Being Me: Send us your stories, ideas, actions and shout-outs. You could…

  • Tell us your group’s Free Being Me story, blog-style
  • Interview your group about what they think a body confident world would be like
  • Challenge selfie – what can we do to help ourselves and our communities be ‘Free Being Me’? Write it down and take a picture of yourself!

Remember: Photos and videos will make the stories come alive!

Free Being Me Friend Night

We held a camp and did heaps of Free Being Me activities to end the Free Being Me we held a friend night and made badges with feeling messages on them then handed them out. It was fun.

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I never have to bow in front of anyone

We are in Humak College in Islamabad Rural Area, running a 2 day workshop on Free Being Me, When we came to the activity’what you like most in yourself’….. each girl spoke about her unique quality and one girl said….I like my Short … Continued

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Everyone enjoyed it too the fullest

Hi! I am from India I loved this session of Free Being Me. Completely free sessions didn’t even look like a session Everyone enjoyed it too the fullest I was in camp from 26-30/4/16

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What matters most is on the inside

My troop enjoyed the activities outlined in the Free Being Me program. The whole process was a learning experience for us all. The girls were amazed to learn about the process of photo shopping and thoroughly enjoyed the videos showing … Continued

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