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Name: Pascaline
Troop name: Young Leaders
Country: Rwanda

Association des Guides du Rwanda organized a camp for young leaders and compagnons from France (16-25), which took place in Gisenyi, Rubavu District, Northern Province of Rwanda, from 16-21 July 2014. The camp had the aim of reinforcing capacities of young leaders in running the “Stop the Violence” advocacy campaign as well as training them on the use of “Free Being Me” curriculum.

Both trainings went well, and participants learnt a lot from the new FBM programme. When the facilitators started the first session, especially on the image of myth, the participants were reluctant to interact, because they were afraid of offending each others. Note that one group was Rwandan leaders and another one a French Compagnons.

But after some time they talked freely which facilitated a common understanding. We learnt that having a multicultural environment is helpful to participants in order to have diverse opinions and agree on the definition of beauty.

“FBM helped me to understand that internal beauty is what portrays external beauty. If I have body confidence, I will stand up and shine, and do what I love. Today I love myself more than ever! I found myself into FBM, thanks to Dove and WAGGGS.” Erica Hishamunda, 21.

“This programme changed me a lot, and I’m going to change little girls in return. I wish FBM targeted girls above 15. Everyone needs it I think especially adolescent girls, because that’s where you really feel different and depressed”. Sandrine Bwiza, 19.

15 Rwandan leaders committed to reach to at least 750 children in the next three months. Every leader will work with at least 50 children. After that a badge will be given to them. They were provided with a leader guide, activity packs 07-10, activity packs 11-14 and fellow leaders pack. The French Compagnons are members of Scouts et Guides de France, they are in visit in Rwanda, they have also elaborated action plans where FBM figures.

Girls claimed that they would like to work with girls above 15 which we encouraged them, but due to lack of material, we suggested to use some activities from the packs.

As Association des Guides du Rwanda continues to promote FBM, another camp is scheduled to take place from 28 July-1 August, in the Eastern Province. 45 participants, troop leaders are also going to have FBM training, activity packs.

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