About this story

Name: Tilochana Devi A/P Santhanathan
Troop name: Persatuan Pandu Puteri, Cawangan Perak
Country: Malaysia

Firstly, I gave the questionnaire to12 pre-university students and found out that they didn’t understand what body confidence actually meant. Then, I asked the teacher to allow me to explain what body confidence actually means. After that, I gave them the questionnaire again. This time, they understood the real meaning of body confidence and I collected the data. I then analysed the data received and presented it in a graph. One of the main reasons I chose to do this survey, is to increase awareness among students as well as to see their knowledge on body confidence. After this project, I learnt that not everyone actually knows about body confidence and something needs to be done to increase awareness on body confidence among young people. I hope to be able to do a bigger advocacy project in the future!

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