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Name: Treshonia’s been surprised by beauty facts from around the world!
Troop name: 150th Barbados Ranger Guides
Country: Barbados

Hi I am Treshonia! Today I participated in Session one of Free Being Me and had a great time, learning about body confidence and how different parts of the world view beauty and what they consider beautiful! Some of them I found to be quite extraordinary, but everyone is entitled to their traditions and customs and possibly they may find our beauty concepts strange as well…

I am quitting Gloss Magazine because I cannot stay here and we are creating an image that can destroy girls and their self-esteem, causing them to think they are not good looking or good looking enough and are not part of the Ideal of a perfect woman!!

Beauty facts (7-10s and 11-14s) and Gloss magazine (11-14s)  are both in session one of Free Being Me

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  1. Wanda Reid-Beckles

    Treshonia the saying we are all unique is very true, and while we may do similar things, being ‘you’ and loving ‘you’ is very important. I like the fact that you acknowledge that people are entitled to their traditions.


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