About this story

Name: Yi Jing
Troop name: -
Country: Malaysia

We focused on Action on Body Confidence as part of our Guides to highlight the impossible standards of beauty portrayed in media.

The media portrays beauty in a very unrealistic and idealistic way in order to make people feel that in order to be attractive or comfortable in their bodies they must follow a cookie cutter like process of changing their bodies to appear more symmetrical, or to attain the perfect body shape or size when these images we idolize are in fact photoshopped and the perfect body is a myth.

Our project focused on spreading awareness and highlighting the beauty in everybody in order to boost confidence within themselves.

We did surveys and did lots of research and was shocked to find out that even children as young as 6 feel the effects of these impossible standards of beauty laid out by those companies who are just trying to make money off you buying their products.

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