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Name: Zoie says ” Girls need to be leaders not followers!”
Troop name: 150th Barbados Ranger Guides
Country: Barbados

Hi I am Zoie and I am a 16 year old Ranger from Barbados and we just completed session one of Free Being Me. I found it to be enlightening and educational and all young people (boys included, because they too need to understand their role) should experience it and I am eagerly awaiting the next session.

I quit Gloss Magazine because I don’t agree with the Image Myth. It does not encourage girls to be themselves. Real beauty comes from within, in my opinion. And the Image Myth is destroying the idea of real beauty, self love and self worth. By being and loving yourself, you gain everything: confidence, especially. By aspiring to be like someone else and spending so much time trying to reach that ideal body, one gains nothing. Girls need to be leaders and not followers!!


Find out more about Gloss magazine in session 1 of Free Being Me (11-14s) I quit

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  1. Wanda Reid-Beckles

    Zoie you sound strong and determined. Images are very powerful tools and we all need to be confident in who we are to help fight stereotyping and the ‘ideal’. Looking forward to your #2 entry.


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