‘How to be ME!’- Training leaders in Lebanon

Al Jarrah Girl Scouts Association organized a Free Being Me training for Girl Scout leaders in the region of Ras Baalbak followed by the launch of the Free Being Me activity packs for Brownies and Girl Scouts. See their journey below!


DAY ONE: We focused on introducing the girl scouts’ leaders to the fundamental principles of the Free Being Me project, and the leaders were enthusiastic about learning how to tackle this genuine and problematic issue with their girls. They also related emotionally to how they see themselves as young women in the society.

“I’ve never realized how big the issue is when it comes to body-self-confidence and its effects on girls and young women until I actually discussed it out loud with other leaders. It gives you a totally different insight on things.”

The goal of the training was to give them a taste of the program and prepare them to carry out different activities over the next two months during the summer vacation. As a way to approach the subject, the leaders saw a variety of videos that confronted the Image Myth very openly, in addition to a funny yet realistic sketch acted by the organizing team.

Then, they had time to dig deeper into the Fee Being Me resources. At the end of the day, they were highly motivated to do more, believe more, and eventually succeed in delivering the Free Being Me message to all their girls.


DAY TWO: The second day was the hand-on experience for the same young leaders to use what they just learned and implement pre-planned activities with Girl Scouts and Brownies. The activities were a thrilling combination of answering Free Being Me related trivia questions, singing, dancing, acting scenes, and writing their own pledge.

The whole day was absolutely satisfying when the leaders were able to interact positively with the girls. It was a day loaded up with enthusiasm and FUN!

“This training definitely benefited me on how to be ME!”


Rayan Atma

Girl Scouts Commissioner

Al Jarrah Girl Scouts Association