Women in the World: Generation Girl

In October, 27 young women from WAGGGS were selected to participate in an incredible event. They were to attend the high profile Women in the World summit in London, UK, and beforehand, to participate in three days of incredible workshops, organised by Dove.

This ‘generation girl’ event was designed to give the young women the confidence and skills they need to follow their dreams and make a real difference in the world.

Among the speakers was Anita Tiessen, WAGGGS CEO, who spoke of the importance of linking your work with others; remembering you are never on your own, and that everyone, no matter on what level you are working, is helping to achieve the UN Global Goals.

All the young women were selected because they are already on the path to being change-makers – and the experiences they have had and the friendships they have made will keep them going on their journeys.

Many of the young women blogged about their experiences – be inspired by each of them here:


Mallu – Brazil: “I learned to believe more in myself, to be proud of me”

Rachel – UK: “successful women are human just like you and me, but they have an ambition to achieve their dream

Heather – UK: “This week I am on top of the world…I can change the world!”

Yukine – Japan: “Empowerment is the best souvenir I’ve got in London”

Mathilde – UK: “we really learnt from each other’s experiences and ideas”

Lydia – USA: “I step forward towards a better world for all genders”

Catherine – Ireland: “I want to be a role model

Laura – UK: “If you don’t change the world, who will?”

Becky, UK: “I’m no longer going to blindly accept it”

Jess, UK: “I feel incredibly inspired to make the changes I want to see”

Siobhan, UK: “It has been a long time since I was this inspired and energised by a single event!”

Victoria, UK: “we have a multitude of great female role models”

Michaela, Australia: “I am here, I did this and I had the adventure of a life time…. So why can’t you?


The event also saw the launch of Dove’s inspiring #Nolikesneeded campaign in the UK. Take a look at the video here!