Day 1 Ethiopia Workshop- an Introduction to Guiding and Free Being Me!

The body confidence revolution starts in Ethiopia with a four day workshop, in which participants learn about Free Being Me and what it means to be a Girl Guide! See their blog from Day 1:

IMG_3072The first day training with WAGGGS proved to be a captivating introduction to friendship and sisterhood, leadership and responsibility, positive body image and giving back to our community.

As one of the participants said: “I got from the training more than what I had expected, it’s more of teaching new things in an interesting way like a game, interview and group discussions.”

“The first day of the training was just amazing. We had a great time with our trainers who are Guides from different parts of the world and also with the trainees.”

“Admittedly,” says Sewit,  “I was not attracted to the Girl Guides before, even though my mother was a Guide decades ago. She always talked about how special she felt to be the youngest person in her group. I never got to join the Guides but I was so excited to be invited to join this initiative. I almost did not make it, almost. I knew something special was about to happen. I was not disappointed.”

We were also inspired by one of the facilitators saying “When you start Guiding at the age of 5 or 7 years old you will stay one for life!”

IMG_3083I am so glad that the Ethiopian team for WAGGGS has started its journey, from only one person to now where we have become a fantastic team with great passion. More importantly we are so lucky to meet such  noble trainers  from around the world. I can say that their  input will make a huge difference and I  am sure in the next six month WAGGGS will have 32+1 Member Organisations in the African Region.

In the name of Ubuntu Patrol (which means I am because we are), we are so grateful to have you and thank you for coming all the way to Addis!

Ubuntu Patrol

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