Day 4 Ethiopia Workshop: WAGGGS´ mission in action

Αt the starting point during the introduction, I felt that WAGGGS was a global initiative that has reached all parts of the world.

And this world engagement is not only for the sake of project accomplishment or to have an input for reporting figures but there is also an existing change throughout people’s life. This is evident as I have shared the experience of our trainers who have been engaged in guiding throughout their life.

This training brought a new insight that elevated my personal thoughts and expectations towards the product delivery. Each term used and all the activities seemed very simple, fun and exciting but equipped with a strong message that has the power to build a productive person.

IMG_3940The concepts and methods used in all sessions are quite different; especially the idea of  “learning by doing” and the new term “Image Myth” which is crucial to have a good understanding of the  “Free Being me revolution.”

On the other hand, the idea of “the journey” was an eye-opener which has made all the trainee’s to be visionaries for the next steps of guiding in Ethiopia. All of them have planned to make an impact and greater contribution to transform girls’ lives nationwide.

And this was evident during the practical exercise when they delivered the programme at the school to a group of 30 girls. I can say all the team has performed astonishingly well, even those trainees who have been nervous during the training. They have changed a lot. I was literally surprised when I saw the capacity of those ladies. This is the WAGGGS mission in action; participants used the opportunity as a stepping stone to reach their fullest potential.

Parallel to the event we had a traditional Ethiopian dinner, which together with the tea breaks and lunches created the opportunity for participants to meet and share and become a team. Thus, a new friendship environment has been created.

IMG_4024In conclusion, the programme has enormous value: it changes society’s perception of beauty in to the “Free Being Me” spirit, which flourishes our confidence more than ever before. And the the fact that all trainees are ready to train other leaders was demonstrated by the feedback and active participation of the girls at school. I can also be certain about the better understanding of what guiding is all about and the honor and responsibility to be part of the team that will bring unforeseen change especially for the disadvantaged girls in Ethiopia. I am so proud of all the team and grateful for standing together in this global initiative.

Loza and Edda, the two Champions re-introducing Guiding in Ethiopia

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