“A fun filled day” – Day 2 of training in South Africa

Sharing what we love about ourselves from the Mirror Mirror activity

The second day of the Free Being Me training dawned another beautiful sunny day.

During our morning reflection, we learnt that when we prioritise the most important things in life, the other things will fit in. The beauty around the world game then showed us that different cultures around the world have their own view of beauty, so it’s important to just be yourself, whichever country you’re from!

During the morning we continued trying out the 11-14s activities, including making our own ‘beauty bubbles’, learning ways to answer our friends’ concerns about the way they look, and learning about the different qualities of our role models – we IMG_7718need to encourage or family, friends and ourselves too that we are beautiful both inside and out.

In the afternoon, we all prepared 7-10 year olds activities and led them for our learning groups. We all enjoyed, learned and shared.

Practising the 7-10s activities

Overall we had a fun-filled day full of excitement. 

We call upon every girl and woman to join the movement and free to be themselves!

Prepared by Caroline, Mabel, Rose, Alice, Boldness and Prudence


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