Big days ahead of us!! Thai national training gets underway

The Free Being Me Global Trainers are on the road again – now they’re in beautiful Thailand! Here’s the first blog from the Pink Patrol on Day 1…

To all Free Being Me friends around the world,

Big Days ahead of us!! It was great meeting everyone here. Joining the seminar on “ Free Being Me” Thailand National Event : WAGGGS – Dove Training from 30 August – 2 September 2014, is a great opportunity for Warm Re-union Days !!IMG_5819

Right from the start, we had met many friends from the north, south, west and east of the country. Greeting out loudly in different styles, and then we signed in, received cute name tags with a symbol for each patrol. Our patrol is Pink, we come from all parts of Thailand.

Wow, we are lucky to have with us two global trainers from Greece and England! That’s why we use head sets for English and Thai translation to help a good understanding of all the training sessions. We have nothing to worry about. The staff and planning team are all very kind and generous.

Now let’s go-go-go. After the opening ceremony, we took some photos and had an orientation. We know more about the Free Being Me project on a global level and we hope we can exchange experiences with other countries as well.

After warming up with games and songs, we had many good, interesting and fun activities to learn and share. I liked miming game and the secret friends game.

During the morning sections, we had a good time sharing, brainstorming and discussing in small groups. We discovered ways to encourage the awareness of being free.IMG_0060

A good start!!

The Mirror Mirror activity also worked out quite well and helped us share more personal thoughts on our body confidence. We realised that we do not often stop to reflect and say nice things to ourselves.

In the afternoon sessions, we decided our group rules and we got to know more about the Activity Pack for girls 11-14 years old. Practicing the activities ourselves was very effective and realistic.

We got to design our own magazine covers and the result was really impressive. Magazines that promoted freedom of expression and different ways of being beautiful!

Here are some of the messages we choose for our magazines:

–      Don’t judge your chapter 1 to the other’s chapter 20.

–      Inside beauty is better than outside one.

–      Be ready to go wider.

–      Good endings come from good starts.

Thanks a lot to WAGGGS and Dove for this experience!


Girl Guides of Thailand, Pink Patrol

IMG_5961 IMG_5966

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