Bringing FBM to Qatar

It started with two trainers, Sumaia AL Kawary and Mona Almansoury, who attended an international FBM training in December 2014 at Pax Lodge.

Since then, a domino effect has been set in motion to bring Free Being Me to Qatar. Sumaia and Mona held a training of trainers workshop in January 2015 for 32 leaders to share their expertise, discuss what has been done so far regarding the implementation of the FBM programme in Qatar, and the challenges leaders face during running the programme.

The workshop was conducted through discussions, working groups and practical training. The participants came up with recommendations that further helped in supporting the implementation of the programme in schools.

Afterwards a team from the association was formed to carry out visits to the schools participating in the programme to discuss with the school administration ways to help the leaders running the programme smoothly.

To date 1,096 girls and young women have participated in Free Being Me, which means that in total 3,288 girls and young women have been reached, given that each FBM participant will reach another two friends outside of their Guide groups with their Take Action project. An impressive start to boosting body confidence in Qatar!

The association’s FBM team with the help of the Arab Region uses the latest methods to measure the success of the programme and continues to support its leaders to roll out Free Being Me.

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