Day 3: “Inspiration is like an Ethiopian Coffee”

The daily update from Day 3 of Free Being Me training in Ethiopia:

Our inspiration goes far beyond our expectations, it just became like an Ethiopian coffee: the first time you drink it you will be surprised by its magnificent taste and when you have your second cup you will be literally addicted…

Our involvement with WAGGGS is an extraordinary one: we might have experienced different types of trainings and obviously inspired during the training, but the bond we have with WAGGGS is a life time commitment. I pride myself to be one of the change agents to my community.

As one of the trainees said: -“the three days was more a practical one, we tried to set our mission and vision in our country context. We also tried to translate the manuals in to Amharic. Although it’s not easy, the challenge is worth it. And I really enjoyed the idea of “learning by doing” which makes me apply it to my lifestyle.”














Cultural night: we dined out today for Ethiopian food and traditional dancing at a nearby restaurant. A last minute enthused idea had almost everyone dressed in traditional Ethiopian cloths from all over the country. I imagine we looked very festive, fifteen women, most dressed in ‘Habesha tibeb’.

The highlight of our cultural night, which included dinner and a show, was when the dancers invited one of the facilitators Katerina up on the stage to learn how to dance Guragegna; she was a natural, kicking out her legs like a native born Gurage, the whole group was thrilled!

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