FBM Fun Day in Grenada!

A national Fun Day was planned by trained leaders as part of their action plan to inform, promote and involve girls and boys in practical fun activities based on the Free Being Me Program.

The day began with a short certificate distribution to all the trained leaders presented by our Chief Commissioner. Then a short synopsis of the program was giveGrenada Fun Day29n to the participants in attendance by the Team Leader.

The girls participated in activities such as face paint selfies (Designing what they look like), Free Being Me (Appreciating the parts of my body by pinning positive statements to their body parts), arts and craft showcasing their individuality, body trivia ( girls answering questions to positive and negative statements of Free Being Me), Talent Show and Photo Booth.

The day ended with taps and dismissal and everyone left feeling free to be themselves!


Grenada Fun Day11

Grenada Fun Day27









Grenada Fun Day3











2 Responses to “FBM Fun Day in Grenada!”

  1. vinod kumar

    I like very much freedom

  2. Marian

    The programme is a very good initiative of the Association, I know our girls like doing the topics. Thumbs up.


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