Free Being Me at Czech Republic Centenary

In the mark of an incredible 100 years of Guiding and Scouting in the Czech Republic, leaders, Rangers and Rovers came together for a Free Being Me workshop to discover what exactly the ‘Image Myth’ is all about.

Participants not only learnt about the programme’s benefits and impact on girls’ body confidence, but also how to be body confident themselves:

‘Now I know there’s no ‘ideal’ way to look and I appreciate my body because of what it can do, not just how it looks.’ Marie, 15, Řevnice

‘The concept of the ‘Image Myth’ was new and interesting to me. I recognised that the ‘perfect looking woman’ doesn’t exist in reality.’ Bedka, 15, Řevnice

As well as a FBM workshop, generations of Girl Guides joined the celebrations throughout the day and shared their experiences in the Movement. Scouting and Guiding was banned in Czech Republic from 1940-1968 and 1970-1989, however Guides and Scouts still found ways to keep the tradition alive- a secret name for Scout groups during this time was ‘Little Foxes’!

Learning about Guiding and Scouting during these banned years, the theme of freedom was prevailing and a reminder that we can always find a way to be #freebeingme!

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