How FBM enables girls to reach their fullest potential

A story from Bolivia which shows the real and sustainable impact of Free Being Me!

Diana is 7 years old and attends the first grade. Throughout the school year, teachers saw that she was withdrawn and very quiet; she didn’t like to participate in class, let alone speaking in public. After taking part in Free Being Me, her behaviour changed completely- she is much more open in class and participates much more.

The biggest  change was seen when she was chosen to lead her favourite FBM activities with her class- she did it so well and with such ease and joy, she was chosen to go to other classes to replicate the activities.

Her parents are so happy with this change and noticed such a difference, that they decided to sign her up to Guías de Bolivia, where she continues to develop in the ‘Alitas’ branch, allowing her to reach her full potential as a leader.

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