Impressions from a Free Being Me Patrol!

52 participants came together for a three day training, in Visayas Region, Philippines. One patrol wrote their impressions in this creative Free Being Me poem…


F – FACILITATORS who are friendly, flexible and patient

We were given a very sufficient useful, informative and easy to understand resource materials that our help use it back to our station councils.

Very helpful, cooperative and friendly.
Very energetic when it comes to activities and reporting.
On behalf of the Participants, Training Pa More!

Engaging in every activity makes us active and always feel we are part of this training

B – from this workshop our body confidence, self-esteem, skills and potential are boosted and with these I can say that I am beautiful as I am.

Eevery one of us who developed our self-esteem to have enthusiastic and engaged in all essential activities in girl scouting

I – I learn, through fun and enlightening activities, it will not only make the girl believe and appreciate more herself.

N – No turning back of being a trainer/facilitator

G – Goals of this training are achieved and realized which enable us to value the importance of one’s self. With these, we can truly say that we are gorgeously uniquely me.

M – Myself/ Ourselves had inculcated in our minds the no more Image Myths in me.

E – Emulate in our respective councils in order for our girls to realize how important it is for them to earn body confidence and what’s inside them matters the most.

This FREE BEING ME training is amazing!

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