Dear Editor of the Lesotho Times…

Lesotho Girl Guides Association hosts a Free Being Me training for 14 leaders under 25, inspiring young women to pass on the Free Being Me message with girls in their units. Here’s what one participant wrote to challenge the Image Myth.


Dear Editor of the Lesotho Times

Often at times we regard the Image Myth as something people assume to be true or good. And the media is promoting it further.

Nowadays girls bleach themselves to look celebrities they see on television, and even go further wasting their salaries on plastic surgeries to gain a so-called ‘perfect body.’ That is not true! It does not exist. Do you ever imagine the surgeries going wrong and being trapped in an injured body?

Self-acceptance is the only solution to fight against the Image Myth, never compare yourself to anyone else. Most of the time we are discouraged by people who use ‘body talk’, putting us and themselves down. Try something unusual and just tell the person they are perfect as they are as an example.

Who are we to judge each other? We are beautiful just the way we are!


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