Pakistan Girl Guides- ‘Focus on your goals and mission in life’

Pakistan Girl Guides Association Baluchistan Branch have organised several FBM workshops, camps and training events in different schools, communities and for Guiders and teachers reaching a total 650 participants! Here’s why they think Free Being Me is so important:


Free Being Me plays a vital role in overcoming the complexes of girls regarding their body and looks. During these sessions girls learned that they should focus on their goals and mission in life and must not give up just because of concerns with their looks.

Guides exhibited their artistic skills by presenting their perfect looking girl cloth paintings. Guides and Non-Guides signed the pledge wall and expressed their views regarding their body confidence through message bubbles. Girls enjoyed all the activities of the Free Being me Program and promised to spread this message to others. Leaders also introduced on-line training on GLOW and activity packs with other Leaders and Trainers.



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