Sudan National Training Day 2

Free Being Me takes off in Sudan!

From 17- 19 May 2017 Sudan held its first Free Being Me training event, training leaders all over the country in the programme. Two trainers from Syria, Rim Yacoub and Sham Al Dahan, travelled to Sudan to facilitate the training and share their experiences of delivering Free Being Me in their own association.

See the daily update of Day 2:

The day began with the ‘Mirror Mirror’ activity which helped acknowledge physical beauty as well as inner beauty. We then continued with the 11- 14 activities where we discussed the negative effects of the Image Myth, and wrote letters to a dear friend on the importance of being true to themselves.

Afterwards we completed a challenge across different stations in small groups:

  • Station #1 : Making beauty bubbles and sending them to girls all over the world.
  • Station #2 : Convincing the others to accept themselves as they are
  • Station #3 : A video which explains the Image Myth was shown


A praying break was taken, and then activities continued in the groups in which we presented videos, news, T.V ads, T.V programs and broadcasts that sought to change our perceptions of beauty!

Distinguished Patrol

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