Who Am I? A poem from Nigeria

In June 2018, the Nigerian Girl Guides held its first national Action on Body Confidence training event. Inspired by the experience, Abule Baranimiegha, a 29 year old leader from Bayelsa state shared her thoughts in a poem:



I am Me

My appearance has nothing to do with my personality

My personality and interest defines my uniqueness

Being myself in a world that is constantly trying to change me into someone else

Has been my greatest achievement

My individuality is a pointer to my functionality

Why struggle to fit in when I can stand out

I was born an original can’t die an imitation

I am ME

Free Being Me!

4 Responses to “Who Am I? A poem from Nigeria”

  1. Ackissah Baluti

    Wowwww! This poem is great Great. We were indeed born original that’s why we all have our different special looking. We are all unique!!! Free Being Me

  2. Esther Chikwatu

    Free being me has made me to accomplish my dreams of being in university! I thought I couldn’t do it but now am a student!!

  3. Njelita Ekene

    Free being me has helped me in my job and in my career by believing in myself and not allow my life to be influenced by my environment negatively.

  4. Bekekile ncube

    What a powerful poem it is indeed motivating


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