About this story

Name: Anjana p s
Troop name: Third KTKA guide group
Country: India

Our free being me journey started from the day when I, the company leader of our group, accidentally go through WAGGGS website. We are from a rural village in Kerala, India. Most of the girls in our village don’t show much confidence in themselves. They had an inferiority complex about the ways they look thereby they had lack of confidence to speak in public and lot more. When I saw this free being me action plan, I thought it would be great help among ourselves. Though we are the nation builders. I personally took this challenge and downloaded action plan and started our work. It is a wonderful experience. Firstly we studied about free being me and took our plans into action. We conducted a survey in our school and village and realized that their is an image myth, gradually we understood it is impossible on being a perfect looking girl. We conducted group sessions about image myths, our problems and a way to boost confidence. We also had games as well. We had conducted a class for 50 girls in our school and finally conducted a rally to give our message to the society. The great experience is that we conducted this program ourselves. This program helped us to boost our self esteem, leadership quality, team work… etc. Through this program I am glad to say we enabled to give this message 300girls in our school. Thanks WAGGGS and dove for providing us this opportunity?

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