About this story

Name: Arissa Zerina
Country: Malaysia

15 boys & girls aged 11 years old in my school from different backgrounds have joined and participated recently on 30th September 2020, in an Advocacy Project “Awareness On Image Myth and Body Confidence” session which was raised and organized by myself and supported by the School Headmaster, Senior Administration Assistant and Teachers.

This sessions’ goal was to give awareness to my fellow schoolmates on Image Myth, it’s impact and Body Confidence as well as self-esteem.

They have learnt what is Image Myth and the impact that could happen to them. The beauty around the world and the uniqueness of each individual. They have also learnt self worth, how to appreciate and love themselves. At the same time they have learnt how to appreciate others without judging, to appreciate abilities not just by look. By appreciating and loving your body you will feel more confident hence you will develop self-esteem.

Through this project, they have gained their body confidence and improved their self-esteem.

My message to them and people out there…
“Be Your Unique Self and Write It In Your Heart That You Are Beautiful”

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