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Name: #BeYourSelfie
Troop name: 1st Basford Guides, Newcastle, Staffordshire

I couldn’t wait to bring FBM to my unit after doing so much about it at Sangam.
The guides embraced it whole heartedly and astounded me at their messages and heart felt beliefs about what they wanted to be and do to stop the image myth. One of my girl’s ‘Beauty Bubble’ said;

“Everyone is different in their own way. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Never, ever try to be someone you’re not, because you are amazing, no matter what people have said to you. Ignore the bullies, they clearly don’t know how brilliant you really are”.

Their magazine cover name and subsequent twitter hashtag was #BeYourSelfie which I thought was wonderful and could really catch on. It really was a turning point and their language and attitude to beauty changed so dramatically in just two sessions. I was very proud!! It really felt like a room full of empowered young women!

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