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Name: ‘I can’t wait to help more girls be Free Being Me!’ – inspiring words from our training in Taiwan
Country: Taiwan

Our Global Trainers Ariana and Katerina have been on a grand tour of the Asia Pacific Region!

Their first stop was Taipei, Taiwan. As well as enjoying the kind hospitality of Girl Scouts of Taiwan (and staying at the appropriately named ‘Beauty Hotel’!), they’ve had an amazing experience training enthusiastic volunteers of all ages on Free Being Me.

Here’s what some of those at the training had to say about their experience…

 Day 1

Today’s objective was to introduce how ‘Free Being Me’ works and how the programme will work in our Girl Scout groups.

What we have learned from today is how to spread confidence in ourselves and not let us get influenced by appearances.

 In fact ‘Free Being Me’ is a popular issue at the moment, not only for Girl Scouts but for everyone. This may be because Dove’s commercials are really touching (e.g. The video ‘you’re more beautiful than you think’). We’re excited about introducing these ideas to our groups, friends and anyone how feels the pressure to look ‘perfect.’today is how to spread confidence in ourselves and not be influenced by appearances.

We also learnt about how to lead the activities and the methods used. For us this was very meaningful because as trainers we’re able to improve our skills to lead the programme.  We are excited about learning more about Free Being Me tomorrow.

Sabrina and Lydia

Day Two

As a woman I feel the pressures of having to look after your appearances a lot of the time; however by the end of today I decided to be ‘Free Being Me’! I thanked my parents for giving birth to me, and for all the wonderful things that my body can do.

I ask girls and women to join me and I cannot wait to help more girls to be ‘Free Being Me!’

徐子淳 Maria Hsu

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