About this story

Name: Discover your potential
Troop name: Monte María
Country: Guatemala

Currently I don´t work with any group. I only work as secretary of the Board in my country. My story is more my experience through eight years of working with girls of sixth grade in a school called Monte María. In all groups you find positive and negative leaders. You try to help girls that are insecure discover their potential. Through activities and life experiences girls discover that it is great to help others and to be part of the positive changes in your fellow members of the group. You find groups in which some members go through difficult times trying to be accepted. This is no an easy process but through working together you can achieve great energy. I have found in my way some of the shy girls I had in my groups, and it is satisfying to see that all the tools of love, tolerance and team work have helped them become secure and successful women.

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