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Name: Erin
Troop name: Dunedin Pineapple Track Guides
Country: New Zealand

My Guide unit did the Free Being Me badge 2 years ago on a camp. I really liked the ideas. In my work as a youth pastor I noticed that the girls were lacking in self esteem so decided to use the ideas from Free Being Me. We worked through the image myth and positive self talk. I showed them the Dove video of the photo shopping. This year the girls continued their theme of self esteem and we dug deep into what was causing them to have low self esteem – of course how they looked was a huge factor. We also watched a documentary called Embrace. This was the foundation for these 3 girls to do a Take Action project and they shared the Embrace documentary and their journey with a group of ladies from the church. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place!
So thank you for developing a platform to build on for this very important issue.

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