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Name: ‘Free to be themselves with no fear’ – FBM at Arab Region Camp

In February 2017, 223 young women from 13 countries and 4 regions of WAGGGS gathered in Egypt for a camp of Discovery, Adventure and Fun! Among all the exciting activities offered were workshops on Free Being Me, led by a team from Syria.

in 90 minute sessions, girls enjoyed seven different activities from the programme. Around 200 girls had the chance to take part, and the team from Syria were very happy with the outcomes:

“Seeing the change in people’s eyes after truly thinking about the meaning of Free Being Me and feeling free to be themselves with no fear was a very precious moment and a great success knowing they will go back to their countries and spread awareness about the topic through Free Being Me with the girls in their countries.”



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  1. Sally Mboumien

    Self confidence built through self acceptance and shunning societal standards greatly inspires. I love this activity because it is a great psychological empowerment for girls. I will love to attend the event next time


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