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Name: Jennifer makes a stand against the Image Myth
Troop name: 150th Barbados Ranger Guides
Country: Barbados

I am quitting Gloss Magazine, because the ideal girl doesn’t exist, only on screen and in the print media. Stripping teens of their self worth just to fit in with this status quo, that you are helping to create just doesn’t cut it and I don’t want to be part of it. I am not sorry that I am quitting , I am just sorry that I didn’t realize before, because God has given me a purpose in this world and it is not helping you to make teens lose their identity or suffer from low self esteem. This Image Myth has teens and young adults making body modifications to look like “the perfect girl, the perfect woman” whilst putting their bodies in danger. This is absolute nonsense. We are all different and made in the image of God and shouldn’t conform to an image that society has created! I refuse to be part of this!

This was what I took away from session one of Free Being Me as I “quit” Gloss Magazine! I cannot wait to do session two! Session one was awesome!!

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  1. Wanda Reid-Beckles

    Great start Jennifer! As a teenager, this is amazing that you have acknowledged that who you are and how you look, should not depend on what the glossy print magazines highlight. Also you are ready to keep growing and strengthening yourself…Good luck, looking forward to hear and see you after session 2!


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