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Name: Marianne
Troop name: 1st Crossgates Guides

We started to look at Action on Body Confidence as our Guides are reaching an age where body confidence starts to become an issue.

“We talked about how it is fine to be yourself, and you are beautiful the way we are! Social media can’t tell you otherwise, because everybody is amazing the way they are and you shouldn’t change just because of a photo someone has posted on Instagram or other media!” ( Sorcha)

“If you work as a team, people can help you feel better, and make you feel happy being who you are!” (Aerin)

“The obstacle course we did technically helped us to take our time…..life’s not a race” (Isla)

“The obstacle course taught us that you have to overcome barriers sometimes….people telling you that you are not pretty enough may be a barrier you have to face sometimes!” (Sorcha)

“Don’t just go to a club just to look pretty…go there to learn. You can just put lipstick or mascara on when running….not full make up!! You’re there to learn and run, not show off”. (Zoe)

We learned that social media tried to make people think that everyone is gorgeous and appears to encourage photographs which are heavily edited or filtered!

Our girls wanted to start their own campaign in our village which will encourage their peers in school, and hopefully their families to feel more body confident and free to be themselves.

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