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Name: ‘Now I proudly say “I am beautiful” – Tahmina, Bangladesh
Troop name: Guide Group
Country: Bangladesh

I am Tahmina akter. I am from Bangladesh. Currently i am a student. When i heard of Free Being i thought that what was “Free Being Me??” . Then one of my guider madam who recently go to Sangam, India for learn about Free Being me, she told me what is Free Being Me. After few days she arrange a workshop abou Free being Me. Then i learn more about Free Being Me . And now i am more confident myself . It helps me to avoid the stage fear. And i also took session on Free Being Me. Now i proudly say “I am Beautiful”

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  1. Nasir Khan,KV Bundi,Rajsthan,India

    Great.Keep it up.i am going to conduct workshop for Jaipur Division on 19-20 Nov.2018.


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