About this story

Name: Nur Azra
Troop name: Hibiscus
Country: Singapore

I remember the first time I learnt about ‘Free Being Me’ was in the middle of January. If I could learn about this earlier, I would’ve. Free being me taught me to accept my body as it’s something that I shouldn’t distort to please others. Though many of my friends and classmates saw me as a confident person, I was very insecure about how I came off to others. I used to worry about not looking slim or not being able to cover my eyebags. It got to tge point where I could not bare to take any photos of myself for a few years(with the exception of class photos). I’ve now learnt that it isn’t worth to have to look good for others. With that, I chose- along with my close guide friend Sakinah- to spread the word about Free Being Me. We spent six months planning our project along with the AHS girls-as Bedok View Secondary School and AHS were from the East Division of Singapore- using the platform zoom to take action and spread the word about body confidence. We persevered and managed our studies along with our duties as girl guides to teach other girls about the importance of being body confident and feeling good in our respective bodies! Here I am now, free from my past insecurities that held me back. I’m now able to take photos of myself! <33

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