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Name: The prettiest thing a girl can wear is her smile
Troop name: Troop 345, Nation's Capital

Our troop (Troop 345) is comprised of 10, African-American eleven and twelve year old girls from Washington, DC. They have LOVED the Free Being Me segment of this year– more than their Girl Scout Journey! Girls of their ages are confronted with so many self-image challenges, some of which they don’t even realize. As girls of color especially, their self-confidence can be undermined by images presented in popular culture. Completing the activities though, has made our girls more confident and reinforcing the themes at every troop meeting has become an easy task, as they are clear about their self-worth and the superficial importance of physical attributes. We constantly say, “The prettiest thing a girl can wear is her smile.” and “Beauty is what a person is on the INSIDE.” So, thank you for creating this program. Thank you thank you thank you.

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