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Name: What matters most is on the inside
Troop name: GSHG Troop 60651

My troop enjoyed the activities outlined in the Free Being Me program. The whole process was a learning experience for us all. The girls were amazed to learn about the process of photo shopping and thoroughly enjoyed the videos showing models before and after their images were enhanced. We learned that images of beauty in the media often don’t show people as they really are. We explored other countries and learned how the “standard of beauty” changes depending on the cultures of that country. Our differences make us unique and special and as we celebrated those differences body confidence and self-esteem grew. We learned that people all over the world struggle with self-esteem and confidence issues when they fall short of that narrow “standard of beauty”. We wanted to change this. We began by making stars out of card stock. On one side was the Free-Being-Me website information. On the other side the girls wrote positive notes of encouragement. They took the stars to school and gave them to other kids and shared a little of what they had learned while participating in the program. They also encouraged the other kids to follow the web address so they could learn more. The main idea they expressed was its not about the way we look. What matters most is on the inside. We followed up our program by creating a video, which we shared online to try and reach as many people as possible. I have attached our video. Hope you enjoy. Thank you Dove for providing this program!

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