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Name: A Workshop Seminar for Senior/Cadet Girl Scouts #2
Troop name: Girl Scouts of the Philippines (FLAWSOME)
Country: Philippines

As soon as the workshop started, amazing things slowly came our way, from the new friends to the lessons. Everything made us realize and envision the potential we have in ourselves, especially when the day started with inspirational messages from two of the most respected persona in the history of Girl Scouting, GSP International Commissioner Dr. Salud A. Bagalsoa and GSP 1st National Vice President and Program Committee Chairperson Dr. Cristina L. Yuson.

Dr. Bagalso shared the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) movement’s Free Being Me (FBM) Program. This program helps the female population worldwide by engaging them in sessions that aim to boost body confidence and enhance self-esteem.

Lastly, Training Committee Member Ms. Hyacinth B. Bangero clarified the concept of peer education, starting from the definition of peers to the twenty facilitation commandments. From her talk, one quotation inspired us all – “Practice what we preach”.

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