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It was great amazing, enjoyable, fun, I get to learn new things I did many activities,many teachers were there helping us also it went very well respecting each and everyone.

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I’ve learn alot on the bast two days of session conducted I’ve never think that I’ll learn this life changing words by simply sitting at home learning. During this work shop I’ve learn that people should not be judge by … Continued

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Nur Afiqah Kharunnisa

I learnt that everyone is pretty but the only problem is we live in judgemental society “Spread your wings , don’t others words be burden to you”?

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During Action Body Confidence (ABC) program which was done in Malaysia as part of the WAGGGS Online Workshop, I learned many things such as the image myth, why we are more than just our looks, the body confidence issues that … Continued

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I try to write a letter to a woman magazine to convince them about the story of the low self-confidence and ask them to notice the story like this. I learned to stand out and defend ourselves and we actually … Continued

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I have taken part in the Action on Body Confidence program organised in my country, Malaysia. I had to create change among teenagers who were insecure about their flaws and body. My brother and I worked together in convincing teenagers … Continued

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Yi Jing

We focused on Action on Body Confidence as part of our Guides to highlight the impossible standards of beauty portrayed in media. The media portrays beauty in a very unrealistic and idealistic way in order to make people feel that … Continued

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It was amazing how saying nice things about other people can lift their body confidence. We wrote nice things to each and everyone in the group about their body, personality and their ability in doing something that we find amazing. … Continued

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Kei Li

I posted some post and videos about body confidence on my social media account. It was truly an amazing experience to actually advocate my friends on body confidence “Feeling beautiful has nothing to do with what you look like” – … Continued

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Surya Hanim

I joined ABC Online Programme and one of the activities was to run a project to advocate people about body confidence. My students were the lucky ones to be in my project. They were chosen because from my observation, the … Continued

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I spoke for about 15 minutes on Image Myth, Body Confidence and Root of The Problem. The session with my classmates was very good as many of them really understood the meaning of true beauty. Many were asking questions about … Continued

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The title of my action project is ‘Build Awareness On Body Confidence During Yoga Session’. The reason I chose yoga for my project is that many people avoid fitness workouts because they worry about their appearance. People are programmed in … Continued

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A 3-days workshop on “Free Being Me” was conducted at GHSS Kothibagh Srinagar, from 6th to 8th February 2021, and organised by J&K BS&G Srinagar. 50 girls of youth services & sports Department participated actively. Mr. M.Akram Ganaie (Rahi) ALT(s) … Continued

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Arissa Zerina

15 boys & girls aged 11 years old in my school from different backgrounds have joined and participated recently on 30th September 2020, in an Advocacy Project “Awareness On Image Myth and Body Confidence” session which was raised and organized … Continued

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Mia Arissa

I have done a lot of workshops on WAGGGS values especially Body Confidence and Free Being Me. I learnt a lot in this journey. I have started to actively participate since the hit of the Covid19 pandemic. I am so … Continued

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