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Inspire and challenge others, tell the world about you/your group’s stories, ideas, actions and shout-outs. You could…

  • Tell us how you became “Free Being Me”
  • Share what your group thinks a world would be like if no young person were worried about who they were or how they looked
  • Use lots of photos and videos to make your stories come to life!

Anjana p s

Our free being me journey started from the day when I, the company leader of our group, accidentally go through WAGGGS website. We are from a rural village in Kerala, India. Most of the girls in our village don’t show … Continued

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Our troop did the free being me badge for the month of January and are just finishing it now before valentine’s day. So our girls wanted to make valentine’s with inspirational quotes and things they thought would help spread the … Continued

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Nur Afiqah Kharunnisa

I learnt that everyone is pretty but the only problem is we live in judgemental society “Spread your wings , don’t others words be burden to you”😙

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During Action Body Confidence (ABC) program which was done in Malaysia as part of the WAGGGS Online Workshop, I learned many things such as the image myth, why we are more than just our looks, the body confidence issues that … Continued

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I have taken part in the Action on Body Confidence program organised in my country, Malaysia. I had to create change among teenagers who were insecure about their flaws and body. My brother and I worked together in convincing teenagers … Continued

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Yi Jing

We focused on Action on Body Confidence as part of our Guides to highlight the impossible standards of beauty portrayed in media. The media portrays beauty in a very unrealistic and idealistic way in order to make people feel that … Continued

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It was amazing how saying nice things about other people can lift their body confidence. We wrote nice things to each and everyone in the group about their body, personality and their ability in doing something that we find amazing. … Continued

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Kei Li

I posted some post and videos about body confidence on my social media account. It was truly an amazing experience to actually advocate my friends on body confidence “Feeling beautiful has nothing to do with what you look like” – … Continued

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Surya Hanim

I joined ABC Online Programme and one of the activities was to run a project to advocate people about body confidence. My students were the lucky ones to be in my project. They were chosen because from my observation, the … Continued

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